DAISY & Braille

I Think Solutions supports the DAISY vision for promoting the International standards and the technologies. Information and knowledge is something that should be equally accessible for every person even if they are suffering from reading disabilities.

We have a team of experts that convert your content in such a way that they become accessible for a person with reading disabilities that is also benefitting communities with wider aspects.

I Think Solutions is currently offering DAISY conversion services and workflows to reputed organizations and the publishers worldwide. If one wants to convert the files with DAISY it requires converting the file sets to the other with DAISY standards. DTBs that are produced are autonomous of the distribution medium i.e. the digital file can be archived and can also be distributed on the mediums like CDs or DVDs. With the advancement in the technology digital media distribution methods are evolved.

These books can be distributed using the new methods of distribution. The DAISY Standards allow a complete range of flexible options like mixing of text and the audio, only audio, full text audio and audio to text only. A DAISY book can also be defined as a complete set of digital files that includes:

  • 1 Audio consisting NCX: NCX is known as the navigation control center, a file that contains each and every point in the book through which the user can navigate. If there is any XML content file present, it will carry the structure of the book and may also carry features like footnotes etc. Some DTBs may also carry some additional textual components for e.g. index, keyword searching etc.
  • 2 Full text and Audio: The files that contain their DTB structure with complete texts and audios. This form of DTB is the complete ones and provides the richest multimedia reading experience with structure and complete audio and text. The XML text file contains the complete structure and the whole text of the book. The text and the audio will get synchronized.
  • 3 No Text no Audio: The XML textual content file that contains the complete structure and complete text of the book. There are zero audio files. This kind of DAISY DTB may be rendered with artificial speech or with a useful Braille display.

I Think Solutions is helping authors and publishers in converting their electronic media to DAISY/DTB book compliant format that is used for the proprietary workflows.