Data Capture

We provide ACCURATE and RELEVANT data

I Think Solutions have expertise in converting hardcopy PDFs to word files. We also provide digital conversion of the text from the native formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel. We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for repurposing the complete content and maximizing its e-publishing potential. We are considered as the leading PDF to Word Conversion Company in India.

Apart from this we also provide you a number of Data Capture Solutions. All businesses should know how to handle and process large quantities of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in the form of hardcopy. If you are keeping everything in the form of hardcopy it will hinder your business and organization in one or more ways. It is hard to search for the data and retrieving the data back.

I Think Solutions we offer our clients a wide range of Data Capture Services; both automated and manual, and help them in capturing the data from their paper documents in a retrievable digital format. We feel proud to say that we can be your versatile partners and can adapt our services in accordance to the needs of a wide range of industry verticals. Our Manual Data Capturing professionals can help you in entering all types of data either textual or numeric easily. We offer our automated Data Capturing Services using the most advanced ICR, OCR, IMR and other Barcode technologies.

We capture the informative and the necessary data first. After collecting the useful data the conversion takes place. We offer Data Capture Solutions at competitive prices and quality services that are ideally suited for large volume applications.

Our business developers can provide you customized packages that fit into your pocket size well. We provide you a complete range of Digital Conversion Services that addresses all your prepress requirements and content conversion needs.