An electronic book, commonly referred to as eBook, is a book in electronic format which implies that it can be saved, opened and read easily on any electronic device such as computer (PC), laptop, smartphone and tablet. The eBooks are mostly sold on the internet in the same manner as other merchandise.

With the growing trend of eBooks, demand for ePub and Kindle formats continue to increase. These two formats have are the most preferred conversion formats worldwide. We accept all formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, In-Design, HTML, etc. You may choose to and we will convert it into a perfect digital book that is user-friendly and compatible with any reading device like Kindle, iBooks, Sony Reader, Noble Nook, Adobe digital edition, etc.

It is a common misconception that eBooks are electronic copies of the actual paper printed books. The fact is that there exists a plethora of eBooks that have no paper-printed counterparts. This may be due to the fact that eBooks are easier to compose, distribute, procure and read.

The foremost advantage of eBook is that you can carry it around with you in your phone or tablet/laptop without the hassle of lugging around considerable weight. Another benefit is that of instant access i.e. no browsing through endless shelves for you requisite title and also no more looking for your book in the mailbox whereby you save shipping or packaging costs. So no more problem of forgetting your book on the night stand as you board your bus or train; read your book on the go on your smartphone. Most of the people with eyesight problems prefer to read eBooks since the font can be resized according to their ease.

The common devices, which are used for reading eBooks, include smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, iPhones, iPods, Kindle etc. The eBooks are compatible with both Android and iOS.

Our dedicated team of professionals keeps up with the latest and greatest eBook Technologies. Our eBooks designs are always appealing with exclusive fonts, flawless graphics and sophisticated layouts. You can give us any format, for which, we provide you the best quality conversion. Our professionals do not only convert but also improve the images, graphics, fonts, etc., if required, so that the end product looks amazing – enabling your eBook to be praised by millions with a smiling face.

Get your manuscripts or printed form of books, short stories, fiction and non-fiction books converted to eBooks by well-experienced and skilled professionals, within the stipulated schedule. You may give us volumes, yet the quality of eBooks will not deter. You may give us any complex format, but the converted version will be totally user-friendly. You give us poor quality inputs, but we promise to give you excellent outputs.

As a part of eBook creation and conversion services we do:

A. Multilingual eBook Conversion, we support more than 25 languages.

B. Redesign for Digital Publication

  1. Reflowable eBook
    • ePub 2 and 3
    • Kindle ( Mobi)
  2. Fixed Layout eBook
    • Amazon Mobi KF8 Fixed Layout, with Text Layer
    • Amazon Mobi KF8 Fixed Layout, with Text Layer and zoom
    • Barnes and Noble Nook ePub Fixed Layout
    • ePub 3 Fixed Layout, Image only
    • ePub 3 Fixed Layout, with Read Aloud
    • ePub 3 Fixed Layout, with Text Layer
  3. Comics & Graphic Novels
    • Amazon Mobi KF8 with and without Panel Zoom
    • ePub 3 with and without Panel Zoom

C. Animated ePub3 eBooks Conversion services.

D. Enhanced Academic/ Textbook with Drag and Drop, Match words sentences, InteractiveQuestion- Answers, Score and much more (ePub3eBooks).

E. Transform your content to ePub 3 with Html5, CSS3, JavaScript, and MathML.

F. We developed the Pearson XHTML5/EPUB 3 (PXE, pronounced "Pixie,") implementation as a specification for semantically tagging educationally relevant text and structures in a single content stream for delivery to multiple products, formats, platforms, and devices.

G. eBooks Distribution and Retailers

We have expertise in creating and converting following types of eBooks.

  • Interactive eBooks for Children
  • Cook Books
  • Travel Books
  • Guides
  • STM Books
  • Higher-Ed, K12
  • Educational eBooks
  • Magazine
  • Read Aloud Books