Publishing is an activity of producing and distributing music, literature and information in any format. The activity also involves making information available to public via different means such as books, journals, magazines, eBooks, emails or blogs.

We publish informative, educational, digital, and financial information on our website. You can get articles about latest trends in app development and current news of the business world. School or college students can visit our website for educational stuff. Our publishing services don't end here; we also publish your apps. We are a professional group that runs the submission procedure for imaginative writers, providing them more time to write creatively. We offer a service for every budget!

Types of Publishing

Journal Publishing- This includes publishing of research articles

Educational Publishing- This includes publishing of materials for educational institutions

Digital Publishing- This includes publishing of eBooks, online magazines and development of digital catalogues and libraries.

Financial Publishing- This includes online and printed content for professional and consumer financial audience on the retail, institutional and personal finance industries.

Editorial services and content transformation

For those who want their texts and other contents to be edited and modified we are providing satisfactory services. Bring any type of educational reports, assignments, dissertations, essays or stories for proofreading and modifications. We can also enhance your digital guides, financial reports, business magazine content or website content.
Following are few editorial and content transformation services we provide:

  • We can apply different designs to your publication.
  • We also check your reports or other content for facts and information.
  • We proofread your content.
  • Remove grammatical error, spelling mistakes, checking for proper sequence, and consistency.
  • Restructure and rewrite your content according to the format.
  • Remove outdated and non-relevant information.
  • Create indexes that create an alphabetical list of names, subjects, and other things, along with page references, to guide a reader's about access to information within the content.
  • All copy editing tasks.
  • Permission editing that involves applying right over currently done work or some of its parts.

From making your content readily available across all platforms to handling all design requirements, we offer end-to-end content transformation solutions that make your content visually appealing. Our digital transformation process ensures tangible results every time, and thanks to our modular approach you can select only the elements you need. We help you get your content transformed across multiple platforms and in every format possible, ensuring you don't lose out on capturing any market.

With best quality as a goal, we offer multiple editorial and content transformation functions. All your work will be done with high consideration by qualified writers with great experience in their fields.

Pre-press & Publishing

  • Print ready PDF files as per Lightning Source guidelines
  • Print ready PDF files as per Create space guidelines
  • Print ready PDF files as per Chicago Manual Style
  • XML solutions