About Us

SurveyMonarch is a mobile application to run surveys on your smartphone devices. This application collects data online or offline - so you can take advantage of conducting field surveys anytime, anywhere. When there is no internet connection, data collected is stored on the field device and will be synchronized and available for reporting when an internet connection is established. Market research agency will find SurveyMonarch gives you all you need to create engaging, insightful and effective questionnaires. SurveyMonarch has been built to be accessible, with an interface that can be picked up in seconds. Yet is also gives you the ability to define the most complex of surveys.

You deserve a technological partner who understands your needs, adapt its products accordingly, assists you in your work and fixes whatever needs fixing.Unlike differentiators of quality, innovation or price, great customer service is a differentiator that can't be bought; it's a competitive advantage that can only be earned.

Everything You Need in a Survey Tool




Easy To Use
Get started without any technical expertise whatsoever.
Fast & Accurate Input
Custom keyboards and shortcuts make data entry faster, easier, and more accurate.
Quick Setup
Create the perfect survey in just minutes.
Manage Surveys Remotely
Send your survey to a device located anywhere in the world.
Unlimited Data Collection - Online & Offline
All plans come with unlimited surveys and responses.
Data is secure on the device, at QuickTapSurvey.com and in transit.
Works Without Internet
When offline, data is safely stored in the app until the device is reconnected.
Use a single device or a thousand and manage your data in one place.
Available for iOS & Android
Collect survey responses with iPads, iPhones and Android tablets or phones.